I'm Marcía (Mar-see-uh), fitness trainer and wellness coach.  Through my convenient App, I help women all over the world increase their energy, get fit, and lose fat without having to sacrifice their careers, family and social lives.

See ...

I've been exhausted. 

I've found it impossible to strike a balance in all aspects of my life.

I've been confused about what "diet" to follow and what type of exercise is best for my body type.  

I've been overweight and uncomfortable.

I've also been skinny without curves.

I've stressed about every bite of food I took.

I've hated how I looked from head to toe.

But life doesn't have to be this complicated.  

Fitness & Wellness doesn't have to be either.  


I've discovered it is possible to live in harmony - be happy in my own skin,

focus on my wellness while having a career, loved ones and enjoying life!


And, you can live like this too!


About Me

I'm a 41 year old nationally Certified

Personal Trainer, Transformation and Women's Fitness Specialist, and a Nutrition Coach with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fitness & Wellness.

I am passionate about helping women create lasting lifestyle changes, find daily balance and develop a healthy relationship with food and fitness.  All of this can be accomplished without having to spend hours a day exercising, cooking tasteless food or 

following the latest on-trend diet. 

I am on a mission to help women realize that it IS possible to love your body at any age, feel empowered and enjoy the process

of investing in yourself!    


Nicole C.

San Diego, CA

Marcia helped me immensely.  After overcoming eating disorders in my teen years, I still had an unhealthy relationship with food.  Obsessing over exercising to burn off something "bad" I ate or trying different extreme diets.  With her help I have achieved a healthy relationship with food, eat what I want, and have reached my goal weight.  Couldn't have done it without her.  I really needed a coach who I could reach out to when I was struggling and she was the best support system ever!  Now I barely think about food and when I eat, I enjoy my food so much more, guilt free too!

Claire DuBois

Paris, France

One reason I do love technology is because it has allowed me to work with someone who is in the US.  I'm sure there are trainers here that do this too, but Marcia was recommended by an American friend of mine who knew her in college and had success with her plan so I am happy I get to work along with her also.  I have really made some great changes to my lifestyle in the 4 months I've worked with Marcia.  I've not just lost weight but also gained much confidence.  Because we are in different time zones, the app Marcia uses is really convenient because we can send messages to each other through it whenever necessary.  Also, I love that I can track everything on the app and that it connects to My Fitness Pal and keeps my stats all in one place.  I plan to work with Marcia for a long time.  She is such a pleasure to work with and such a genuine nice person with so much knowledge.

Lisa G.

Tucson, AZ

I'm a mom of 2 who works 2nd shift - so, I get out of work at 11pm.  The only time that is feasible for me to workout is right after work.  The benefit is my gym is open 24 hours, but the drawback is it isn't really possible to work with a trainer at that hour.  I was very reluctant to sign up with an online trainer because I didn't think it would be as good as working with someone in person.  A friend of a friend mentioned Marcia and I figured I would sign up for a month just to see how it went.  I loved it.  It is as close to working out with a trainer in person as you can possibly get.  Marcia uploads my workouts to the App and I am able to check in on it as well as track my weights, times etc.  So, there is definitely accountability there.  I have lost 10 lbs in 2 months and feel so much better about myself and not to mention stronger.  I really recommend Marcia and her training style!

Adrian Hanes

San Diego, CA

I am down 20 lbs in 15 weeks! Last week, I only worked out once but I was careful to track my food and ensure I was eating correct portions and I lost two pounds! Training with Marcia has helped me make such significant yet totally sustainable changes in my way of thinking about my body, working out and especially food. I have tried a lot of "programs" that give you unrealistic diets or prescribed workout regimens that are nearly impossible to keep up with. Of course, I failed everytime and felt so guilty because I was sure it was my own laziness. However, training with Marcia has taught me that guilt has no place in getting healthy! You make the choices you make and move on. Every day, every meal, every workout, it’s just about choices. I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity to learn how to make true life changes!



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