Since things first transpired nearly 8 months ago, I had this nagging feeling that my copper IUD was the cause of everything that was going on with my health.  When I asked my primary care Dr, she said it was “unlikely” and told me to supplement with iron. She felt the vertigo and anemia were unrelated.  I took the iron supplement and nothing changed.  Due to Covid, Drs were booked for months.  It all became a waiting game.  Waiting for my appointments.  Waiting to feel better.


About 6 months in, I couldn't handle it anymore.  I demanded the IUD be removed … and guess what?

The vertigo was COMPLETELY gone within a week!


Around that same time, an MRI finally concluded that I DID NOT have a tumor! Thank God! 

Was I right about the IUD?!  Well, within a month, my iron levels normalized and I was no longer anemic. So, yes, I sure was right … the culprit was the darn IUD all along!  A reminder to everyone that we know our own bodies and when we have a hunch, often times we are right!


Time to celebrate?!  Not quite yet.


Though the vertigo was gone and I wasn’t as tired, I still felt a bit off. Also, due to the IUD, I ended up with an infection in the lining of my bladder that would not go away after 2 rounds of antibiotics. I was put on suppressive antibiotic therapy … MORE antibiotics but this time for 60 days.  60 days!!!  I just had my final tests this past week and FINALLY the infection is gone.

I am officially vertigo-free, infection-free

& I'm no longer anemic!


Here I am, roughly 8  months later …  energy levels are returning and I’m starting to feel like my old self. During these months - the most exercise I was able to do was a walk and super short hikes when I had a bit of extra energy and when the dizziness wasn’t too bad. But, I would be exhausted after ANY amount of physical exercise.


As someone who has worked out consistently for over 20 years, being out of the gym and unable to workout has not just been a challenge physically but also mentally and emotionally.



















What have I been doing with much of my downtime?  Research.  AND, taking new courses to strengthen and expand my knowledge on fitness, nutrition and the psychology behind it all!


I am slowly easing my way back into a regular workout schedule, cleaning up my diet

getting my gut back to healthy! 


Because, the truth is, antibiotics kill infections but they also kill all that is good in our guts!  And, its not just antibiotics that can impact our guts but also what we are and are not eating!


Through everything I have experienced recently, I realized I can now truly connect to those who have fallen away from regular exercise and are overwhelmed at how to get going again. 

I understand the lack of energy. 

I feel the frustration.

I have the few extra pounds that leave me feeling uncomfortable.

This got me thinking that I know there must be others out there who are feeling this way right now, as well  ...

Maybe you’ve been working at home due to Covid and have gained some weight. 

Maybe you haven’t worked out since the pandemic started. 

Maybe your eating habits are not great.

Maybe you are always exhausted.  

I can honestly say ...  I get it now.


So …what do you say???

do you want to get back in shape together?


From being a trainer for years & the knowledge

I have recently GAINED ... I know what is effective.


PluS ... We can keep each other accountable.


I’ve designed an 8-week program for myself and I want to design one specifically for you and your goals, as well. Your program will be uploaded to my App … I’ll not only custom create your workouts but also coach you on your nutrition and share with you what I’m eating and what I’m doing to get my gut back to healthy.


I have 2 clients already signed up and we are starting on April 5th … the day after Easter. 

That’s exactly 2 weeks from today!  I can only manage to take on 8 more clients for this specific program because it is 50% off my regular coaching prices AND I want to be sure to give the best support I can to ALL of my clients.


Do you want to join us by prioritizing your health and get back into shape?


Click here for more info & to apply!



PS One last thing! 


My health struggles, along with the negativity and the division I was seeing on social media led me to leave Instagram and Facebook.  I realized social media was very much impacting my mental and emotional health.  It has been a wonderful change for me!  Though you can’t connect with me that way anymore, feel free to email me if you ever have any questions or need an ear for ANYTHING!


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