Healthy Chicken Parmesan Open-faced Sandwich

One of my favorite EASY healthy go-to meals ... Chicken Parm Sandwich - slow cooker version. Being Italian, I crave traditional Italian food, but as most know - Italian food tends to be carb and fat heavy. So, I created a version that was something I could eat whenever I wanted to satisfy the craving!

I take a package of chicken breast (seasoned with pink salt & pepper) and the Mario Batali jarred sauce shown in the photo slideshow and put them in the crockpot/slow cooker on low to cook all day. *Note - I am extremely picky about sauce (we call it gravy) being that and I assure you this one is delicious! Typically I'd make it from scratch, but that's a long process, so for weeknights, I always have Mario's on hand because it's all-natural and preservative free.

When I'm ready to eat, I simply shred the chicken, toast a piece of Dave's Killer Bread, top it with some spinach (gotta have those micronutrients!) the chicken and some grated cheese for an open-face chicken parm sandwich. SO yummy! Calorie breakdown can also be found in the images above!

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