Have you tried KeVita Sparkling Probiotic drinks? They are delicious and so refreshing! This Mojita Lime Mint Coconut is my current favorite though I haven't tasted one that I don't absolutely love!

Probiotics are very beneficial for overall health and I prefer to get them with these types of drinks or fermented foods. My allergies have been acting up so I've been drinking one of these daily and it's helped tremendously.

In case you aren't aware - here are just a few benefits of probiotics:

✔️They help manage stress

✔️Help to fight off allergens and infections ✔️They may lower bad cholesterol levels

✔️Offer protection against the cold and flu

✔️Assist in getting intestinal health back on track after being on medication.

If you haven't given these a try yet, I highly suggest! They are handcrafted with live probiotics and are certified USDA Organic. Note - I buy mine at Target but they can be found in most supermarkets! 💚

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