Women Lifting Heavy Weights

Ladies, are you resistant to lifting heavy weights for fear of looking bulky or manly? I'm 5'1" and I lift heavy and have for 7+ years. IF a woman was going to get bulky simply by lifting heavy, it would likely be me ... being that I am a little vertically challenged. 😃 I don't think I look masculine, but I do think I look fit, strong, and healthy. I'll be honest; years ago, if someone told me I was strong, I'd likely take that as a putdown and a suggestion of not being feminine. Now, I take it as a compliment! This week I hit a PR doing the hip thrust - I managed 245lbs for 2. 💪🏼 Ladies, if you never pick up weights, I absolutely suggest giving it a go. In my opinion there is no match for not only feeling confident physically, but aesthetics aside, the mental sense of accomplishment when you hit a PR is SO satisfying!

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